At Clothe Me - Thank You we use vouchers to give to those who need them the most. The flow chart below shows the process of how we turn the donations into spendable vouchers.

For every pound we receive in most cases, that donation is able to be Gift Aided to us, allowing us to collect an additional 25p per pound donated.

So, if we take an example where one of out £10 vouchers is used at a charity shop; when we repay the charity shop, it only costs us £7.50 in real terms to repay that voucher, which means Clothe Me - Thank You can use the remaining £2.50 to give more grants to more people. In other words, every £1 we raise goes 25% further in most cases, than the face value of the voucher.

An example of the front and reverse of our vouchers and them live at work with one our proud partners FARA :