We are able to offer a flexible way to leave a gift in your Will to benefit our charity through our Legacy Giving Partner - CAF

Leaving charitable legacies in your Will involves a lot of work, which is why we've partnered with CAF (Charitable Aids Foundation) who designed our service to make it easy for you and your executors. Here's how it works:

  • Name CAF in your Will - we give you the exact wording to make this step easy.
  • Identify the charity or charities you'd like to support. If you are unsure who to give to, our expert advisors can help you select charities, or charitable causes, that are important to you.
  • List the charities or charitable causes in your Letter of Wishes and send it to us.
  • View our fee schedule

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If you have received a legacy, you may decide that you would like all, or a part of it, to be donated to charity.

However, you may not want to donate the money all at once, and you might want some time to choose which causes to support - if so, we can help.

A CAF Deed of Variation to a Will is a flexible, tax-effective way to create a charitable giving fund from a legacy that you have received.

Create a flexible gift in 3 simple steps

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Stephanie Moss  Legacy Manager

Stephanie Moss is Legacy Manager at Charities Aid Foundation. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss leaving a CAF Charitable Legacy.   

Stephanie Moss
Legacy Manager

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