Poverty is growing at an alarming rate in the United Kingdom – FACT ABOUT RISING POVERTY HERE. This raised an important question of what we could do to support the people affected.

As we began to map out the already existing support network for people living in poverty, we realised that while there were organisations that provided food and accommodation, there was no support unit providing clothing. Which made us question how people in need are clothing themselves?

With this weighing heavily on our minds we attempted to find a solution as to how we could make clothing more accessible. After some in-depth research it became apparent clothing donations were growing at an increasingly accelerated rate, leading to charity shops struggling to sell clothes at the rate they were receiving them.

Knowing this meant was that all we had to do was find a way to bridge the gap between the people in need of clothes and the surplus clothing items in charity shops.

From this the Clothe Me – Thank You concept was created, and we registered as an official charity in June 2018.

  • Firstly, we created partnerships with a number of charity shops in the UK, who would accept vouchers in return for the clothing stock held at their shops. The idea behind this being that once the voucher has been redeemed the charity shop will inform Clothe Me – Thank You of the value and we will reimburse the charity shop through the money we raise.
  • We then began to work closely with charitable organisations like food banks and shelters, who agreed to identify and distribute our vouchers to those who needed them most.
  • Individuals who receive our vouchers can then redeem them at any of our charity shop partners creating a mutually beneficial system which sustains and generate revenue for the charities involved in the programme whilst simultaneously supporting vulnerable members of our society.  


If you’d like to support any (but preferably all) of our partners, then please find them here:

Charity Shop Partners                Voucher Distributors                 Funders and Supporters


If you’re an organisation and you’d like to support Clothe Me – Thank You either via funding or being part of our voucher distribution network, then please contact us here.

As an individual there’s lots of actions you can take to support the charity. Detailed information can be found for each of these in the links below.

Donate                     Give as you shop                    Fundraise                     Leave a Legacy  


In the work that we do we help provide a system which is multifaceted in the support it can provide. Most importantly we make clothing accessible to the most vulnerable members of our society. We also help fund the excellent work of our local charities and it facilitates another dimension of care to our voucher distributing partners.