Clothe Me - Thank You: 2020 update (part one)

This is a very difficult time for everyone worldwide with the Coronavirus pandemic and it’s even more important that services and organisations are helping the most vulnerable.  While we are all concerned about the future, we’re thought it was a good time to reflect on our work over the last few months. Read more

How the 2020 Budget stacks up on social care

The Chancellor announced the 2020 Budget earlier this week, which was billed to dramatically boost public spending to bring the UK out of years of austerity.  Much of the coverage was dominated by news that spending on high profile areas, such as the NHS and large scale infrastructure projects, would be boosted. Read more

Gap Between UK’s Rich And Poor

A devastating report by the Health Foundation has highlighted the increasing gap in the health of Britain’s richest and poorest. The study is a follow-up to the ‘Marmot Review’ published ten years ago and looks at progress made in health inequality over the last decade. Read more

More Rough Sleepers Are Being Found Sleeping In Bins

A new study by the waste management company Biffa has found a significant rise in the number of rough sleepers found in commercial bins.  Between April and December last year, Biffa employees had 109 near misses with people sleeping either in or near bins. Seven people are also know to have died in related accidents in the five years between 2013 and 2018. Read more

Pensioners Miss Out On Council Tax Support

Charities warn that vulnerable households may be missing out on the vital support they are entitled to, as the number of elderly people accessing support across England continued to plunge. Low-income households and pensioners in England can apply for a discount or exemption on their council tax under the Council Tax Reduction Scheme. Read more

The Other Britain

Had those same reformers witnessed what we have picked up during the past six months – from visits to food banks in Poplar, Waterloo, Leicester, Morecambe, Chester, and Glasgow – they would be appalled by the extent of hunger, homelessness, and insecurity afflicting so many families and vulnerable individuals in our country. Read more

Desperate Families At Britain's Food Banks

Desperate families are arriving at Britain's food banks hungry after going days without eating. Staff at a Plymouth food bank say families without a penny to their name are going days without sustenance before reaching out for help. The vital lifeline has warned of a rise in the number of people on Universal Credit left starving because of the dreaded six-week wait for pay for new claimants. Food bank staff say some of those they help lack the ability to budget between payday and break Read more

Rough Sleepers In Westminster

Council officers have been accused of confiscating tents and sleeping bags from rough sleepers who camp beside Westminster Cathedral. Rough sleepers claim Westminster Council outreach workers –tasked with helping homeless people off the street – disposed of eight tents in the early hours of Tuesday, January 28. Read more

The Policies That Target Rough Sleepers

They came for Jiří in the middle of the night. “They pulled my blanket off me,’’ he remembers. “I was very scared and my first thought was that I was about to be killed. That was the only thought that was going through my head.” The men told Jiří to stand up. They searched him and found his passport. Then they told him he was under arrest. Read more

Women Who Flee Domestic Violence

I had to just bite my tongue and stay where I was. I couldn’t be homeless with a baby. Read more

Together, We Can Drive A Movement

As we are bringing children up, poverty is bringing them down. It’s not right that poverty limits children’s chances at school. But when kids grow up poor, financial barriers prevent them from fully participating in school – such as the cost of uniforms, school trips, meals, after-school activities and much, much more. Read more

Cost Of Having A Child

The overall cost of a child up to age 18 (including rent and childcare) is £185,000 for lone parents (up 19% since 2012) and £151,000 for couples (up 5.5% since 2012). Read more

Should We Give Money?

A dishevelled man sits in a shop doorway holding an empty coffee cup containing a few pennies. Read more

How Can Homelessness Be Solved?

The news is filled with stories covering the drastic rise in homelessness in the UK in recent years, with Shelter reporting in December 2019 that 1 in every 200 people in the UK is now homeless. Read more