"Thank you for helping me get my clothes to keep me warm."

What we do

Our aim is to make clothing accessible to those who need it most. We make this possible by using the donations we raise to create vouchers that can be exchanged for clothes in the charity shops we are partnered with.

The voucher system we operate means both individual in-need and organisation benefit from our activity. Most importantly, we make clothing accessible to vulnerable members of our society. We also help fund the excellent work of local charities by supportign their work in caring for the most vulnerable.

How we make clothes accessible to people in need
  1. People donate to Clothe Me - Thank You
  2. Donations are converted into vouchers
  3. These vouchers are distributed to expert support staff at food banks, night shelters, and at other public services
  4. Staff at these services identify those most in need and give them a number of vouchers
  5. The individuals are then able to exchange their vouchers for clothes at one of our partnered charities