A new charity has been established in London, designed to bridge the gap between clothing stock in charity shops and people that cannot afford to clothe themselves and their families. The Fulham community, in the words of the charity’s Founder Antony Wroe,

has been fantastic with grants received from the Daisy Trust, Dr Edwards & Bishops King's Fulham charity, Eight Bell’s and local charity shops who have partnered with us including Royal Trinity Hospice and Geranium both on the Fulham Road. All Saints Church distribute our vouchers at their Thursday lunch club to those in need. As a result so much has been done to help those who are less fortunate in the borough.

Clothe Me – Thank You provides a monetary value voucher redeemable in partner charity stores, enabling people in need to choose their own clothes with dignity without having to rely on hand-outs. The vouchers are offered to people in crisis and help increase footfall to partner charity shops in Britain’s struggling high streets. When they are spent, a secondary benefit occurs by raising funding for the stores own charitable cause, with Clothe Me – Thank You returning the cash value of the voucher back to them.  

Daily studies show the increase of rough sleeping, homelessness and households in poverty and a rise of nearly a third in rough sleepers in London over the past year, Antony Wroe continues “it’s noticeable in our communities how individuals and their families are increasingly struggling to afford the basic needs of housing, food and clothing. Whilst food banks provide support, there isn’t an obvious choice for people that can’t afford clothing. We believe that people should be able to choose their own clothes rather than having to take what limited choices may be available to them. The Clothe Me – Thank You model enables this”.

 Urban Village London